Holiday Shopping Wish Lists Filled at Historic Big Bear Village Faire

Big Bear Village FaireCarved bears or stuffed ones, cloth purses, cozy animal print throws, year-round Christmas room, incense and tasty jerky. All in a historic Big Bear setting that may or may not have its own ghost.

Chances are, there’s something for every holiday wish list at Village Faire. There’s literally thousands of gifts ranging from sports logo items and Harley Davidson to hundreds of crosses and walls of winter attire. The walls at the top of the stairs may tell tales—the building used to house Big Bear’s first hotel, the historic Navajo built in 1920, kept busy by gold miners and ladies of the night—but today the real story is on the shelves, filled with goods from artisans around town, the country, even the world.

Sixteen theme rooms present a wide range of gift ideas, from bears and princess dolls, signs and home goods to gourmet foods and Oriental treasures and much more, many items handmade. Why there’s an entire Princess Room at Village Faire, with dolls and dresses and tea party sets and wallets. Duck inside the Tiki Room for Asia-theme gifts like adorable stuffed panda bears, fans and dragon figurines. The Pottery Room not only features handmade clay plates and pots but also soap pumps and dreamcatchers.

For sports fans there’s not one but two rooms filled with memorabilia like playing cards, team coffee cups and shot glasses, signs and more. There’s a stadium’s worth of football team selections to choose from whether you root for the Rams or Chargers and all the other teams too. Unique are team totem poles not found anywhere else, topped with bronco, steelworker or ram’s head as the case may be. Plus team helmet banks for 20 bucks.

Baseball season is well represented with plenty of Angels and Dodgers, Giants and Yankees stuff to choose from, like team coosies for only $7.95. From steins and stemware to signs and clocks, blankets and more, the shelves are filled with sports. USC and UCLA gear too!

The walls can bear-ly hold all the bruins at Village Faire, just about every room sporting something Yogi. Bear hats pictured above, modeled by Sandy Dietz, are popular with long arms and cozy pocket paws for your hands. There’s stuffed black bears from Wishpets and Giftable Worlds that are super cute and huggable.

The year-round Christmas Room is obviously busy at this time of year, filled with Santas and trees, ornaments and decorations galore. Stockings in a variety of designs are less than ten bucks and there’s gingerbread man ornaments for $3.50.

Particularly unique is the “Cross Room.” Cross-bearing carved bears are one-of-a-kind but there’s many other selections to choose from. There’s also old-fashioned toys like paint by number kits, models and more. Then there’s the Chime Room, where an endless selection of pieces bearing butterfly and flower designs among others are just waiting to sound off in gentle breezes on your porch.

Big Bear Village FaireThe large rustic wood American flags on the walls lining the stairway are popular designs for $39.98 with smaller ones still a couple feet long for $19.98. Chalkboard art is the latest rage with folksy sayings and hand drawn and unique Big Bear T-shirts cost just $11.95. Pet lovers delight in the Dog Room where there’s bowls, treats and gifts for their best friend. Discover infant wear like Big Bear onesies and tanks tops for just $9.95 in the Baby Room.

Village Faire has a little something of everything: Ladies Room with blouses, packs and purses, classic metal signs with everything from cars and cowboys to superheroes and Route 66. Take home agate arrowheads for less than a buck and sample Bear Poop (nut surrounded by caramel and chocolate). “Snow” feels like the real stuff except it’s not cold and doesn’t melt, the perfect souvenir for $5.50.

There’s walls of winter stuff, from tons of gloves to hats, mittens and scarves in all colors, priced from three bucks to $12. Village Faire is also the place to find award-winning Jeff’s Famous Jerky, seen on and Men’s Health magazine. Made from real steak it’s tender and moist, not the dry leather sometimes passed as jerky, in intense flavors like jalapeno and cranberry jalapeno. Bacon and chicken jerky in assorted flavors too!

Village Faire is at 40794 Village Dr. above Leather Depot. Call (909) 866-8220.

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