Tubes, Suzy Bogguss, Elton and Cash Tributes at Cave Big Bear

Country star Suzy Bogguss. Rock and roll icons The Tubes. Top tributes to Elton John and Johnny Cash.

The Cave Big Bear is rocking in July with a great lineup a month after hosting Wynonna Judd and Berlin with Terri Nunn. Your favorite artists perform just feet from the dance floor in an intimate venue where every seat is front and center. State-of-the-art lighting and sound system enhance the concert experience as do special effects like lasers, fog machines, even “snow” that periodically falls.

The Tubes at The Cave Big BearTHE TUBES headline The Cave July 23. The San Francisco-based band rocked formed in 1975 and much of the band’s original lineup is intact. Fee Waybill, whose costume changes throughout the show are worth the price of admission ranging from prison wear to carnival barker, still fronts the band and is joined by originals Roger Steen, Prairie Prince and Rick Anderson, along with David Medd.

The Tubes are best known for hits like 1983’s “She’s a Beauty,” which charted in the Top 10 and was one of the most played early songs on MTV. Others include the hard-driving and catchy “Talk to Ya Later” and the iconic favorite “White Punks on Dope,” since covered by Motley Crue among others, as well as “Dancin’ ” from the 1980 film Xanadu.

Interaction with the audience has long been a Tubes staple, from Waybill donning a bow tie and suit a la game show host “Feen Wayburn” (nod to Gene Rayburn) for the song “What Do You Want From Life” to the fan-favorite, beach-themed “Sushi Girl.” Waybill’s parody of a drunk lead singer “Quay Lude” is hilarious. Tickets start at $23.

SUZY BOGGUSS is at the Cave Friday, July 29. The singer-songwriter has charted many Top 10 singles  with favorites like “Aces,” “Outbound Plane,” “Drive South,” “Hey Cinderella,” and “Letting Go,” an impressive run that led to one platinum and three gold albums and three million sales. Other favorites include “Cross My Broken Heart,” “Someday Soon” and more.Suzy Bogguss at The Cave Big Bear

More recently her latest album Lucky pays homage to Merge Haggard—all songs were written by the late country legend, an early inspiration for Suzy. Bogguss is a CMA, ACM and Grammy Award winner puts her own take on classics like “The Bottle Let Me Down,” “Silver Wings” and “Today I Started Loving You Again.” Showing her career has come full circle; her first radio song “Somewhere Between” was a Haggard song. Tickets start at $25.

What has to be the nation’s top Johnny Cash Tribute is on July 9. The only tribute band endorsed by the star’s official website, San Diego-based CASH’D OUT brought tears to Cindy Cash at a show. “She gave me a necklace with Johnny’s hair in a glass locket,” said vocalist Douglass Benson.

Cash’d Out plays over 150 of the Man in Black’s tunes including the June Carter-Cash duets made famous in the Oscar-winning film “Walk the Line.” The band has toured the country for over a decade and been a big favorite in its prior Cave shows.

Cash’s longtime drummer W.S. Holland sat in with Cash’d Out. Cash producer Lou Robin has been to several shows and calls it like “going back in time. The group has won four San Diego Music Awards for Best Tribute Band with over 150 Cash songs in its repetoire. Tickets start at $15.

The Cave Big Bear; 40789 Village Dr.  (909) 878-0204 or

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